Don't see a service listed below?  Contact us to inquire!  If it is IT-related, we can help!

Computer Maintenance/Repair

Services in this category include, but are not limited to:  analyzing the existing system configuration to help identify any issues that may not be easily found by customer, operating system repair/restore, resolving software issues, installing new software, removal of viruses and/or malware, repairing computer hardware issues, and more.  In addition, setting up new computers and/or peripherals is included in this category.

Service Rate:   $30.00 per hour (price includes applicable sales tax)

Remote Computer Maintenance/Repair

This category includes the same services as regular in-person computer maintenance/repair, but they are performed remotely for the customer.  The labor rate is lower due to reduced fees associated with these specific services.

Service Rate:   $25.00 per hour (price includes applicable sales tax)


Business Network Workstation/Server Contracted Services

This category includes contracted services to maintain your business or organization's network, workstations, servers, etc.

Service Rate:  Please contact us today for a quote!


Need computer software?  We sell various packages to fit your needs!

Software Rate:   Please contact us today for a quote!

Website Development and Hosting

We host our own web servers, do the development/design, and support our customers 24/7/365!  We even update the content on your website for you on a regular basis!  Customers, of course, have the option to update their websites themselves from anywhere with an internet connection.

Website Development and Hosting Rate:   Please contact us today for a quote!  We are one of the cheapest all-in-one website providers in the country!!

Cloud Services (Phone, Fax, E-mail, File Backup and Storage, and More)

As an authorized partner of InterMedia, we can offer cloud services to your home or business at much lower rates than traditional vendors.  Our services include:  phone systems, e-mail services, file backup and storage services, Microsoft Office in the cloud, security, and much more.

Cloud Services Rate:   Prices are much lower than your traditional vendor; Please contact us today for a quote!

Customized Computer Training

Any type of computer training the customer needs would be included in this category.  Examples include:  How to use Microsoft Excel, how to utilize social media, how to build a website, etc.

Training Rate:     Depending on project scope; Please contact us today for a quote!

IT Consultative Services

Services in this category include:  Computer hardware and/or software recommendations, how to best utilize social media, setting up a database, building a website, analyzing data, setting up surveys and/or forms, etc.

Consultation Rate:      Depending on project scope; Please contact us today for a quote!

PowerSchool Consultative Services

Services in this category include:  master scheduling, new user or refresher training, report design, auditing, custom programming, OCR reporting, software integration, and more.

Consultation Rate:      Depending on project scope; Please contact us today for a quote!

EBay/Amazon Assistance

Services in this category include:  Assistance with selling items on EBay or Amazon.

Online Marketplace Rate:      $30.00 per hour; maximum $100.00 per day


Payment Types Accepted: 

​Cash, Check, Money Order, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and PayPal (Purchase Orders accepted from business, government and  customers only)